From my little screen to yours.

Competition. More likes, more followers. A witty caption, portraying only the parts of our lives that make us look like we somehow have it all together, creating some lens through which we want others to view us.

These small devices that are intended to connect us to the rest of the world more often than not leave us feeling isolated.

I spent last weekend in a cabin with friends and turned my phone off for the two days that I was there. As we made our way back down the mountain, I realized I didn’t want to turn it back on because rather than that little device making me feel connected to the people around me, so often I feel myself drowning in a sea of comparison. Social media itself has gained a negative reputation for causing disconnect —and sometimes I wonder if it would be better to just erase it from my life.

—But if we have the power to compete and to pretend through media, then we must also have the power to be honest, to be vulnerable, to share the sides of ourselves we might not think others want to see. 

Often times when I post on social media I ask myself what I am hoping to gain from it. Is it really to share my authentic life with family and friends? or is it to help create some kind of reputation, to make others think a certain way about me, to fit in with a certain culture, to finally obtain a certain status? More often than not I don’t like my answer.

But I know what I want my answer to be.

Connection. Genuine and authentic connection. I’m not interested in only the “picture perfect” parts of your life, and I know pretty pictures aren’t an accurate portrayal of my own life. The brokenness, the heartaches, the in-betweens, are equally beautiful. And those are the things that truly tie us together anyways, aren’t they?

. . .

Thanks to @erinoutdoors for being unashamedly herself in her blog and videos & for inspiring me to write this post. 12/10 recommend following her and her adventures 🙂

Shoutout to @missvicmic for letting me use her photo on this post, you rock my socks girl.