Hi fellow humans, welcome!┬á­čÖé

The name “Pumpkin Spice & Jesus Christ” came to me┬árandomly one day, and it stuck. It reflects two things I love and what this blog is about, and I think it’s kinda dorky like me ­čÖé

For me, life looks like this:┬árestlessly and┬áconstantly dreaming of exploring new places and meeting new faces -a mess of trying to discern where God is calling me and how to glorify Him with each season and area of my life – including finding contentment and purpose in where God has placed me right now. God calls us to love Him and to love others. So what does that look like in my life right now? What does that look like for you where you are at right now?

There are certain moments, certain experiences, certain people, through which God uses to teach us more about His character & His plan. I believe those moments should be shared with others so that we all might be able to learn, relate, and grow together. I hope this is a place where you feel inspired to do that.

The other half of the name-pumpkin spice-refers not only to my extreme obsession with pumpkin flavored everything, sweater weather, and fall foliage, but my love for baking! I love food, and my sweet tooth gets a bit out of hand at times. Baking is a way for me to satisfy that sweet tooth, to get creative, and also to bless others in other process. Cookies are an easy way to brighten anyone’s day! I can’t wait to create more recipes to share with you so that you might fill your own home with a few more smiles.img_2945

That’s just a tidbit about me,┬ábut I’d love to here a tidbit about you.

So grab a cup of coffee & stay a while,friend. ­čÖé